Collecting Kansas and Kansas City-Built

Antique Gasoline Engines

    • A.F. Bauer Machine Works (KCMO)
    • Witte Iron Works (KCMO)
    • Faultless Engine Company (KCMO)
    • Weber Iron Works (KCMO)
  • Royal Power Smith and Sons (KCMO)
  • Kansas City Haypress Co. (KCMO)
  • Kansas City Engine Works (KCMO)
  • Missouri Iron Works (KCMO)
  • KSAC Kansas State Agricultural College Gas Engines (Manhattan, KS)
  • Ottawa, Warner, and Union Giant Gas Engines (Ottawa, KS)

Wanted Early Ottawa Hit Miss Engines With One Piece Blocks and Footed Base,

Any Size or Condition Like Pictured.

Wanted Ottawa Windmills Any Size Any PartsĀ 


Missouri Iron Works Engine Kansas City MO. 8 HP #3

I have a rare Missouri Iron Works Engine built in Kansas City MO. I need help to get it back to original. It had a lot of parts that were not original when I bought it at an ILL estate sale 2014. I have removed them as the photos show and this is the original parts that are left. It has the name cast on the top of the cylinder along with the serial #3 stamped on the front of the block and head and the rod and brass rod bearing. It has a 6 1/2″ bore and 39 1/2″ flywheels. Their is a No.8 cast on the top of the cylinder just ahead of the name so I am guessing it is an 8 HP. I need to know if their is any others that exist. A photo or old ad from early advertising or catalog would be of great help. I need info on the correct fuel mixer. It has the original fuel pump so it must of had an overflow type carburetor. I have the original needle valve assembly which is same as used on the early Bauer and Witte side shaft engines built in Kansas City MO. It is missing the lever the runs the fuel pump and the governor weights that bolted to the cam gear. It also looks to of had an ignitor in the head. Have no idea of how it tripped. Their is nothing in the big yellow book on this company. If you have seen one or have any info on the company it would be of great help. Thanks in advance! G. Wayne Walker JR Collector of Kansas and Kansas City MO built engines and equipment.

Wanted Bauer Side Shaft Gasoline Engines Built In 1 1/2 – 50 HP

Any Size Or Condition

Wanted Bauer Side Shaft Catalog

Wanted Bauer Built Rex SideĀ Shaft Gasoline Engines

Built In 3 1/2 – 7 HP Any Size Or Condition

WANTED WITTE Side Shaft Engines Any Size Or Condition

Photos of my factory 40 HP and 30 HP Witte Portable Side Shaft Engines.

Only ones of this size known to exist.

Wanted Witte Jr. Engines Hopper & Tank Cooled

Wanted Witte Star Vertical Engines

Wanted Info On Owner Of This Witte Star

Wanted KSAC Gasoline Engines & Equipment

Built By Students KansasĀ State Agricultural College (Manhattan, KS)

Wanted Kansas City Hay Press Company KC Junior Engines

Any Style Size Engine Parts or Condition

This is my 6 HP KC Junior need cylinder head and most all other small parts for it. The following catalog photo shows cylinder head, carburetor and other parts needed to complete it. Parts have the KC prefix ahead of part #s

This is my original paint KC Junior 12 HP the largest built in the Junior Line

Wanted Kansas City Hay Press Company Lightning Engines

Any Size Engine Parts or Condition

Wanted Weber Jr & Side Shaft Gasoline EnginesĀ 

Wanted Gleason High Wheeler Trucks

Built & Sold By A. F. Bauer Machine Works KC MO